The Smiths Complete Reissued, Remastered Vinyl Collection


This is the ultimate collection of The Smiths’s music for vinyl lovers. Experience the entire Smiths collection, which has been newly remastered by Johnny Marr.

The band that became iconic for their reinvention of British rock n’ roll, Johnny Marrs’ advanced guitar playing, and Morrissey’s extreme wit, The Smiths, have certainly earned their place in history.

Songs like “This Charming Man”, “Big Mouth Strikes Again” and “How Soon is Now” showcased the band’s unique style and outspoken manner. All of these songs and many, many more are all included in this box set.

This set includes all four the band’s studio albums, their sole live album and compilation albums. 

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About the set:

Title: The Smiths-Complete
Released: 2011
Condition: Excellent

Additional information:

  • Eight (8) vinyl albums
  • Includes a 12" booklet with expanded liner notes
  • Includes 36" x 24" poster of the cover artwork
  • Sealed
  1. The Smiths track list:

“Reel Around the Fountain”
“You’ve Got Everything Now”
“Miserable Lie”
“Pretty Girls Make Graves”
“The Hand That Rocks the Cradle”
“This Charming Man”
“Still Ill”
“Hand in Glove”
“What Difference Does It Make?”
“I Don’t Owe You Anything”
“Suffer Little Children” 

  1. Meat is Murder LP track list:

“The Headmaster Ritual”
“Rusholme Ruffians”
“I Want the One I Can’t Have”
“What She Said”
“That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore”
“Nowhere Fast”
“Well I Wonder”
“Barbarianism Begins at Home”
“Meat is Murder”