Mitch Hedberg: The Complete Vinyl Collection Box Set


Mitch Hedberg has become a comic legend through his unique style and point of view of everyday life. Now you can listen to his full body of work including Strategic Grill Locations, Mitch All Together, Do You Believe in Gosh? and previously unreleased recordings and videos. Only 1 in stock! Please note small dent in top of box (image included). 

About the vinyl:
Title: Strategic Grill Locations
Released: 2016
Condition: Very good

Additional information:

  • 2 LP
  • Recorded live at The Laff Stop in Houston, TX, 1999
  • Gatefold picture sleeve

Track list:
“The CD Jokes”
“You Were Good”
“Shaving Too”
“Beret and Pancakes”
“The Velcro Wallet”
“Dry Clean Only”
“My Necklace”
“Six People Isn’t Convincing”
“Smackie the Frog”
“Frogs and Bears”
“Fire Exit”
“The Dufrenes”
“Opening for The Neville Brothers”
“February 11th, 1995 (early show)”
“TropWorld Casino, Atlantic City, NJ”