GRAMMY® Winner Dr. John Framed Photo


Dr. John’s legacy is quite unique. Beginning his career as a session musician in the late 1950’s, Dr. John graced thousands of musician’s songs with his tasteful boogie-woogie style piano. After releasing his own album Gris-Gris in the late 1960’s and making an appearance at the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music, Dr. John began achieving his own cult following.

Known for his theatrical shows, which drew inspiration from old medicine shows and New Orleans culture, Dr. John was a natural showman. His effortless piano style and eccentric outfits made him quite a spectacle on stage.

In 1973 he had his first top ten hit with “Right Place Wrong Time”. The song and the rest of the album carried more of a funk flavor and fit right into the culture. Dr. John’s career only continued to blossom through his later years. His efforts earned him a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  His impact on music will influence musicians for years to come.

About the frame:
Dimensions: 21" w x 27” h
Color: Black wood with black and silver matting
Condition: Excellent
(Photo accessible through the back of the frame)